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Female Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton – Bush Whacked Laser Has a Good Deal

Early this week we received a comment on our Laser Hair Removal Prices in Edmonton, Alberta page from a company called Bush Whacked Laser in Edmonton, Alberta. They wanted to inform us that full laser hair removal on legs for Women is $273 per session and for men it is $333 per session.

We checked out their site, located here, it is a little light on content and visuals, but we noticed that they have a promotion of Women’s Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, 4 sessions for $175. Last year we did a comparison of pricing of Female Brazilians across Canada and can say this is a pretty good deal.

That said, this is only based on the web. Always do your research and before making a commitment to get any work done, check out the location, the person and do some background work. After all, you are about to let somebody have access to your privates so you want to make sure they are on the up and up.

Does anybody have any comments on this business in Edmonton?

Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Prices in Vancouver

Continuing our posts around prices, we have compiled a list of places in Vancouver who explicitly indicate they offer a male brazilian laser hair removal treatments and provide prices. Check out our post for Male Brazilian prices in Calgary.

We were a little disappointed at the lack of transparency in the Vancouver market. We used a number of resources to compile this data including Google and and there simply was not a lot of information. Many of the sites we visited simply did not list their prices.

NOTE: we have only included businesses who specifically indicate they do male’s and have prices on their website. If you know of other places in Vancouver to get a male brazilian done, please add them to the comment section, our readers will thank you.

How does the Vancouver pricing compare to Calgary? We did a comparison at the bottom of this posting.

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Laser Hair Removal Prices in Edmonton, Alberta

Okay girls (and guys too) living in Edmonton – if you are looking for a list of hair removal places that actually post their price lists, we have compiled a shopping list for you.

Remember, this is just a list of places that openly display their price list (I am not a big fan of the websites that say “call for prices”, like it is some sort of secret) and the links will take you directly to their price page. Remember, listing a price list is in no way reflective of service or effectiveness, for this you need to do more research. For this post, we will post the price of full leg hair removal for women and men in available. Check out another post on our blog; Getting a Male Brazilian via Laser Hair Removal in Calgary with Prices.

We have also added links to all these places where you can post a review, so if you are user who has used any of these laser hair removal places in Edmonton, please post your comments.

So what did we find … here is the list:

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Comparison of Waxing Prices in Canada’s Top 3 Cities; Montreal rules the Brazilian, Toronto the Pits and Vancouver the Back

When you look at Canada’s largest 3 cities; Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, the question is which city, on average, provides the best prices for body waxing. We have taken a look at 5 common body waxing areas; Armpits, Bikini, Brazilian, Legs and Back and did a comparison of 5 random businesses in each market and did an average of the prices. We used both Google Search and Hair Removal search to find our businesses.

Here are the average prices for Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto: Continue reading

Pits and Bits at Hummingbird Medical Institute in Calgary

I completed my laser hair removal sessions in 2008 to remove all the hair from my pits (armpits) and bits (pubic region). In the pubic region I decided to go completely bare, everything removed. Before I get into the full story here is a little bit about myself. I am an early 30s women with a professional career here in Calgary, Alberta. I live a pretty active life of exercise, work and socializing so laser hair removal was a great way to save lots of time. I decided to remove the hair from my armpits, this was a no-brainer, I shaved this area constantly as well as all my pubic hair. My pubic hair was also a pretty easy choice since I have been shaving it since it started to grow. In the picture below I went with the bottom right. Continue reading