Body Bare Personal Shavers – Are They Worth The Investment

This is my first post contributing to this blog and I want to let you know about a product called the Body Bare Personal Shaver. – so I took up the challenge to “dare to be bare” and decided it was time to see if this product lived up to its claims.

Here is what their website says about the product:

Body Bare Personal ShaverAll of our pubic shavers are razors meant for your intimate places. They are dry pubic shavers and require baby powder to get the smoothest results possible. They were created to be so delicate to your skin that you can use them every single day with no red marks, no irritation, and no shaving bumps. They are great for anyone who has troubles with normal razors or the active person who doesn’t like to wait a day or two between shavings.

Body Bare shavers will not ever nick or scrape your skin and are approved for use around your private areas. They all come with their own brushes, care instructions and a 2 year Manufactures Warranty.

Before ordering I was extremely concerned about using an electric anything in my pubic region. I personally have been shaving since I was a teenager, so hair removal is not my issue, but I have always done with a razor that I could maneuver myself. That said I was curious as to whether this could make me smoother that my regular razor.

So here is my response to the claims this company makes:

Upon opening up the product I was a little surprised at how small the razor actually is. I charged it and waiting a few hours before I could actually use it. Before using it on my privates I decided to test some other bodies areas that actually don’t have any hair to see if it would catch my skin. What I noticed right away is that it would likely never catch skin as the blade is hidden beneath a grill that is so fine. I tried it on my fingers and such and it was like somebody was tickling me.

So I moved to the bikini region. The device recommends that you are shaved prior to using as it cannot really cut any significant amount of hair. So I jumped in the shower, gave myself a good shave, dried off and was ready to experiment.

I used baby powder to ensure that I was completely dry and began. I could hear the blade working and yes it seemed that on my smooth skin it was picking up those really fine hairs. I kept moving it around and kept hearing the sound of hair being picked up.

Did the Product Nick Me?

I am happy to report that the product did not nick or catch my skin. Including when I took it into my folds around my privates. Their claim is accurate.

After I was done, I took the blade off to see how much hair I had removed and to my surprise there was lots of little stubble that came out. Seems the product had pulled more hair out of my skin that simply razor shaving could.

Smoothest Results Possible

I inspected what I had done and sure enough it did feel smoother than before. Especially when you went against the grain. Note: I normally don’t shave against the grain of my hair as I usually will break out in red bumps. For this razor I did as they suggested. Compared to shaving against the grain with a regular razor and this device, I am not sure if this device would win – I think shaving against the grain would have yielded the same results.

No Redbumps or Irritation

I had to wait a couple of days and I am sad to report that I did get regrowth irritation and redbumps. On the day of the shaving, there was none, so the claim from the company seems correct, however, it did not stop them during the 2nd and 3rd day of regrowth.

My Conclusion

The product lives up to its expectations. It will not nick you. It will also give you a smooth save, but as I said, this can be accomplished with shaving with a razor against the grain. In terms of redbumps, I still had those a couple of days after use.

Would I use this product again. I think I would with my boyfriend as a form of foreplay. He could use the product on me and I could the product on him. That would be a fun evening. Would I use on a regular basis – no, its simply takes to too long and the results are not worth the wait. I will stick to my razor and who knows, perhaps my friends will convince me to give laser hair removal a try and some point.

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