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The 3.5 Hour Marathon In Removing Almost All Of My Body Hair

One common question that seems to float around the Internet is how long does it take to do complete body hair removal on a man. My marathon first session was 3.5 hours and it included the following areas:

  • Armpits
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Brazilian including the perianal area
  • Buttocks
  • Lower back
  • Full legs

My take after the first session? I love the results, they are pretty good and the technician that I went to is really good. The problem is that with this long of a time frame you eventually run out of things to talk about. The second problem with this time is that it is very tiring. You are either laying on your back or your stomach the whole time which after a couple of hours of snapping pain it becomes quite tiring. The technician was really good. I could tell she was getting tired from standing, but she held in there. For the most part everything seems to go quite quick, the area of the body that took the longest and in my opinion the most tedious was the legs, they just seemed to go on forever.

Would I do this again. Short-answer is that I have one more session like this booked. Then I plan on breaking out the legs and doing them separately. Two reasons for this; the first is that the schedule for legs, according to my tech, is every 8-weeks while the rest of the areas is recommended 4-6 weeks and the second reason is that the legs take about a little over an hour, so they themselves are the biggest chunk to the full body.

If you have done full body or a large portion of your body, I would love to hear your experience



User Feedback on the Tria Home Laser System

We recently received a great comment and feedback from one of our user regarding the usage of the Tria Home Laser System (link to the Tria site). The comment is located in our post, Silkn for Male Home Laser Hair Removal – The Male Brazilian – Part 3 in which we talked about results of using the Silkn on male private parts.

This was such an insightful comment that we felt it necessary to make a full post out of it. We would like to hear from other users who have used the Tria in the past and their results, especially if you are male as there is limited information on the web regarding home laser hair removal systems for male body parts.

Here was the comment from Rick, posted on July 18, 2010:

I bought the Tria laser hair removal, and though I’m just doing it for my chest and stomach and shoulders and a little bit on my butt, I warn people to be careful. The first go around, I think I put the setting to high and it really hurt like a mother (there are six settings). It was like someone with sensitive skin who shaves and then breaks out. It really hurt. But having said that, I’ve now done about 5 treatments and my chest and stomach are getting quite smooth. Now after I shave, my skin is as smooth as a baby’s. And each time the hair grows in after shaving, it is lighter and I need not shave as much. I’m guessing after two more laser treatments, it will be smooth enough not to have to shave at all.

My warnings are: Since you have to shave to use the Tria, make sure the shave is close but also in the direction of the growth…especially if you don’t shave much and/or you have sensitive skin like I do. To use the Tria, takes a long time and since it runs on a charge, you can’t cover too much area in a single use. The thing takes like three hours to charge after it stops working. It takes one charge to do a full pectoral area and will take about 30 minutes to do it. Also, you have to have somewhat light skin…so having a nice tan is not a good time to do the laser treatment. The Tria comes with a sensor tester to test the tone of your skin and if you get the green light, then you actually use the sensor to turn on the Tria laser…I guess it’s a safety precaution.

Also if you have hair on your shoulders and back, someone will have to do it for you. I have a little bit on the shoulders and it seems to be growing back less and less, though I’m not an ape…just a little bit of hair. I’m sure it would take a lot more time to do the laser treatments if you have super thick ape like body hair.

One plus is that the Tria has six settings. So if six hurts like a mother, then you can lower the setting in order to tolerate the little rubber band snapping feeling.

I like a little bit of pubes and a small happy trail, but I noticed around the pube line and my happy trail leading up to my button, the laser treatments are really working well…and no more razor bumps at all. Although if you have sensitive skin, I found rubbing a little bit of hydrocortizone cream helps prevent bumps.

Anyway, I’m writing all this because when I bought the Tria, there wasn’t much out there that talked about men’s use and results so I was just hoping it would work for me. Even though it is tedious to use, if you can stand the time it takes, I think it is well worth the cost and time. For me, I am very athletic and I just like having a smooth body. I was always shaving anyway, and now it’s nice not to have to shave so much and enjoy my smooth skin.

I’m not sure I’d use it on my private parts though…I think the laser might be too powerful for that, but I have used it on the area between my nuts and ass…and so far, great results. That was probably TMI. Anyway, good luck if u decide to take the plunge and be a little less hairy.