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The 3.5 Hour Marathon In Removing Almost All Of My Body Hair

One common question that seems to float around the Internet is how long does it take to do complete body hair removal on a man. My marathon first session was 3.5 hours and it included the following areas:

  • Armpits
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Brazilian including the perianal area
  • Buttocks
  • Lower back
  • Full legs

My take after the first session? I love the results, they are pretty good and the technician that I went to is really good. The problem is that with this long of a time frame you eventually run out of things to talk about. The second problem with this time is that it is very tiring. You are either laying on your back or your stomach the whole time which after a couple of hours of snapping pain it becomes quite tiring. The technician was really good. I could tell she was getting tired from standing, but she held in there. For the most part everything seems to go quite quick, the area of the body that took the longest and in my opinion the most tedious was the legs, they just seemed to go on forever.

Would I do this again. Short-answer is that I have one more session like this booked. Then I plan on breaking out the legs and doing them separately. Two reasons for this; the first is that the schedule for legs, according to my tech, is every 8-weeks while the rest of the areas is recommended 4-6 weeks and the second reason is that the legs take about a little over an hour, so they themselves are the biggest chunk to the full body.

If you have done full body or a large portion of your body, I would love to hear your experience



Laser Hair Removal Prices in Edmonton, Alberta

Okay girls (and guys too) living in Edmonton – if you are looking for a list of hair removal places that actually post their price lists, we have compiled a shopping list for you.

Remember, this is just a list of places that openly display their price list (I am not a big fan of the websites that say “call for prices”, like it is some sort of secret) and the links will take you directly to their price page. Remember, listing a price list is in no way reflective of service or effectiveness, for this you need to do more research. For this post, we will post the price of full leg hair removal for women and men in available. Check out another post on our blog; Getting a Male Brazilian via Laser Hair Removal in Calgary with Prices.

We have also added links to all these places where you can post a review, so if you are user who has used any of these laser hair removal places in Edmonton, please post your comments.

So what did we find … here is the list:

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Comparison of Waxing Prices in Canada’s Top 3 Cities; Montreal rules the Brazilian, Toronto the Pits and Vancouver the Back

When you look at Canada’s largest 3 cities; Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, the question is which city, on average, provides the best prices for body waxing. We have taken a look at 5 common body waxing areas; Armpits, Bikini, Brazilian, Legs and Back and did a comparison of 5 random businesses in each market and did an average of the prices. We used both Google Search and Hair Removal search to find our businesses.

Here are the average prices for Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto: Continue reading