Electrolysis Prices Across Canada

Continuing our series of looking at prices across Canada for hair removal (we recently did a full body laser hair removal cost analysis, male Brazilian laser prices in Vancouver, laser hair removal prices in Edmonton, waxing comparison prices in Canada’s largest cities, and male Brazilian laser removal in Calgary) we felt like we were neglecting the only permanent form of hair removal which is Electrolysis (here is the link to Electrology on Wikipedia that explains the process in detail). So we decided to look around the Internet to see what the average cost for 1-hour of Electrolysis is across the country. This is only a sample and we are only listing sites that display their pricing.

On thing of note, none of the contributors to this blog have every done Electrolysis, therefore, if you have done Electrolysis in the past we would love to hear your experience, how many treatments, where you got it done and the cost of your treatments.

Here are our findings.

We found 17 clinics in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal that listed their prices. The average price for 1-hour of electrolysis across these 17 clinics is $61.43 with Calgary coming it at the highest average ($71) and Winnipeg coming it at the lowest average price ($56.67). Note: Calgary is skewed higher because we had a sample size of 3 clinics and 1 clinic has a really high price (if we remove this clinic, Calgary is actually the lowest average at $56.50).

Findings by City

Vancouver Electrolysis Prices (average per hour – $58.33)

Beauty Matters – $55. Link to prices.

Flaming June Day Spa – $60. Link to prices.

Elan Beauty – $60. Link to prices.

Calgary Electrolysis Prices (average per hour – $71.00, remove Shari’s average is $56.50)

About Face Electroylsis – $65. Link to prices.

Above All Electrolysis and Laser – $48. Link to prices.

Shari’s Skin & Body Esthetics – $100. Link to prices.

Winnipeg Electrolysis Prices (average per hour – $56.67)

Genie Hair Removal Solutions – $50. Link to prices.

Pelo Loco Hair Salon and Spa – $55. Link to prices.

Jerry’s Hair Design & Day Spa – $65. Link to prices.

Toronto Electrolysis Prices (average per hour – $64.17)

Electrolysis Derma Care Clinic – $60. Link to prices.

Susan Belfer Skincare and Electrolysis – $70. Link to prices.

IMD Laser Clinic – $70. Link to prices.

IBIS Permanent Hair Removal – $65. Link to prices.

Advanced Institute of Electrolysis – $60. Link to prices.

Bay Street Clinic – $60. Link to prices.

Montreal Electrolysis Prices (average per hour – $57.00)

Laser DermaMode – $65. Link to prices.

Spa Escale Sant̩ Р$49. Link to prices.

If you want to share a link to your favorite electrolysis clinic, please feel free to comment. Also, this list is only reflective of the prices listed on the websites. Quality of service will have to be judged by the individual.

4 thoughts on “Electrolysis Prices Across Canada

  1. savvy

    I am from edmonton and I am paying for electrolysis $125.00 I don’t know the lady is charging fair price or not. Can somebody help me.

  2. longislandjoe

    Do NOT go to Advanced Institute of Electrolysis. This business is absolutely disgraceful. Staff is constantly trying to rearrange their schedules to fit in more clients. It is not uncommon for them to shift your appointment to an inconvenient time for you so they can bring in more clients. They will also purposely use low settings on their electrolysis machine in order to make your return more frequently. I was assured that my treatments would be nearly complete after two months but after several months of treatments and many hundreds of dollars spent, I saw virtually no results. I once had my appointment cut short so that they could fit someone else in, meaning I had to come back the next day for another session at double the price.

    Electrolysis is also EXTREMELY painful. Knowing this, the staff offers a numbing cream that can be applied prior to your treatment at a ridiculously high price. This is on top of the price of each treatment. They will never accept any other form of payment besides cash (a way of avoiding taxes). You will be instructed to exit the building, walk several blocks to the nearest bank, withdraw money, and then return to make your payment.

    They also never offer long time customers any bonuses or incentives. Rate remain the same and you are given no preferential treatment with regards to appointment times. During my time with them, their rates actually increased. Instead of honoring the agreed price, they demanded more money from me after months of loyalty.

    Do yourself a favor. Save money, save yourself the extreme pain that is electrolysis, and find an alternative means to remove unwanted hair. These people are unprofessional and are only after your hard earned dollars. Their goal is to prolong your treatment time in order to take as much from you as possible.

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