Places I Have Gone To Get Hair Removal

I am a 45-year male who started shaving years ago and then decided that I wanted to pursue hair removal in a more permanent way. By permanent I mean reduction as the only true permanent method is electrolysis. To date, I have not undergone electrolysis but have had great results with respect to using laser to dramatically minimize hair growth.

The list below is all the clinics where I have had laser hair removal. One might be asking, why do many. Part of the problem is that I travel a lot for business so it makes it a challenge to hold to a specific routine. Other problem is that I have moved a number of times in the past 10-years (also for business) so that poses a challenge with booking. All this to say, my journey has been unconventional but it seems work.

Here is a list of places I have visited and what I had done. I have outlined how much I have spent at each location to give you a sense of what I have spent.

Acomoclitic Hair Removal Studio, Denver Colorado.

I visited them 2 different times, once in 2011 and once in 2015. Both times I had my male Brazilian and buttocks done and the 2nd time I included my legs, back and underarms. I spent just over $800 during my visits. The techs were super awesome in their professionalism as well as humour.

Update – seem the clinic has changed it name to Moxie Med Spa (looks like the old staff that I went to are there now).

Bellair Laser Clinic, Toronto Ontario

I only visited them once back in 2014. They did my Brazilian and buttocks and I spent around $600. I was not overly impressed. Tech was okay, but the whole experience just seemed like a mass volume clinic. Location is pretty good though. Check out Bellair Laser Clinic.

Champion Laser and Electrolysis, Calgary Alberta (Now Closed)

To bad this clinic is closed, they were really good. During 2013 and 2014 I visited them 4 times, pretty much getting everything done. I spend over $2k with them during this time. Janet was absolutely a pro and expert at doing this. Fresh Laser (see below) is where they were directing their clients too.

Evropa Laser & Waxing Studio, Toronto Ontario

Went there once in 2018 for some touchups on back, male Brazilian and buttocks. Session cost $700. They are pros, have done this a lot. Small location and if you can’t get over the location and the process to set-up you won’t be disappointed. You can visit them at Evropa Laser.

Fresh Laser Skin Studio, Calgary Alberta

I visited them once in 2017 to get chest, abs, back and arms done. That treatment was $1200. Very professional studio. The techs are young but seem experienced. Was hard to get an appointment for a large time segment. I would have continued to go but they book fast and it was just not convenient. Check them out at Fresh Laser Skin Studio.

Man Calgary, Calgary Alberta

Another solid cllnic. Visited twice in 2017. Both times to get male Brazilian, chest and abs and spent over $2500. Annette knows what she is doing. Again my challenge here, they book up fast so was always hard to coordinate schedules around my travel schedule. They only service men which is kinda nice considering the amount of clinics that only services women. Check them out at Man Calgary.

Other places I have visited over the years, include, The Laser Clinic in Toronto, Jolie Peau in Calgary and the Hair free Laser Institute in Calgary. The laser clinic and Hair Free laser clinic’s use IPL and was early on in my journey – go for full laser. Jolie at the beginning was great but then they completely mismanaged their business and went straight to the toilet. I think they are out of business now.

Image below, pretty much sums it up. Had it everywhere.

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