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We discovered last week an incredible source of information on hair removal, We started to participate in a discussion on SilkN Reviews – we wanted to share with their readers the experience we are getting with SilkN. Our users name is NoBodyHairCanuck.

As was pointed by one of their active contributors, edokid (a fellow Canadian), the Silkn won’t provide permanent results, rather we are likely to see regrowth if we stopped using. We think this is a valid point.

One of our other contributors to this blog has professional hair removal done and in the past couple of years had to only go back for touchups one time. So the comparison is on as to whether this product works.

Here is what we are going to do. Use the Silkn until June of this year on the parts that we started last year – armpits and bikini. This will give us 1 full year of roughly bi-weekly use. We will then stop for 6-months to see if we get regrowth and recap in January 2011 as to the results of 6-months of none use.

You will then be able to judge as to whether or not the Silkn is worth the investment or whether you should save up and go to the pros.

Thanks to the forum posters as who are making sure people get all the facts.

2 thoughts on “Join our Silkn Review discussion on HairTell Forums

  1. scott

    I have used this product every 2 weeks for 12 month on my chest. my wife on her legs we fit there requirements we have light white skin and black hair. All I can say is don’t be a fool it don’t work and as soon as you try to return the product they all duck and hide its crap after 12 months of zapping every 2 weeks you should see some results the shaver shop is happy to tell you how fantastic it is but when you are trying to get your money back good luck.

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