Silkn Bulb Cost Update

We have been a little delayed in updating this blog as of late. Per my last posts on Silkn I wanted to provide a cost update on different areas on the body that I am using SilkN on. Everything is tracked per bulb blast and currently on bulb #4.

My last three posts focused on the Male Brazilian, Armpits and a Technical Analysis which was the starting point of this little venture.

To date (started back in May 22, 2009) – so almost one year, we are 2761 zaps in. The company states 750 shots per bulb and in all cases this is true or a little more. I think the bulbs could get more zaps. I only say this as the bulb itself just stops working – there is no visible sign that it should stop working. I say visibile signs as any other bulb that stops working usually it is pretty visible, although perhaps I can’t compare these bulbs to home bulbs.

In aggregate, the cost per zap has been 9 cents (CDN) not factoring in the cost of the machine itself. I have spent $16.75 on my left pit, $16.92 on my right, $105.22 in the pubic region – which are the regions I have started back in May. See below for other areas.

Silkn Costs Per Bulb on Various Body Parts

Is it worth it?

What I have observed so far is that there seems to be less growth – there still is growth. Normally to keep those regions smooth, I would shave every 3-4 days. Now I get go almost 10 days with the need for shaving. I don’t think the Silkn provides any permanent results but I think there is value in having to shave less. At this point it seems this device is like waxing – shave less, but you still need to shave. Will I continue with it – for sure and will provide further updates.

3 thoughts on “Silkn Bulb Cost Update

  1. tara

    I love the cost breakdown you give for the silkn. Really helpful site. How is it working so far on your thighs?

  2. jeffreys Post author

    Hi Tara – results so far on the thigh have been similar to other body parts, there is a noticeable reduction in the amount of hair that is growing back after each usage. I find that shaving now is once every couple of weeks and the skin appears to be smoother after shaving. It is only being used on the upper thigh area.

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