Body Depilation among Women and Men by Michael Scott Boroughs

Probably one of the most comprehensive documents on body hair removal covering both genders. Published in January 2012, the full title is “Body Depilation among Women and Men: TheAssociation of Body Hair Reduction or Removalwith Body Satisfaction, Appearance Comparison,Body Image Disturbance, and Body DysmorphicDisorder Symptomatology”

As somebody who has started and almost completed my journey to be hairless from the neck down, I am fascinated by how many other people have a tendency towards this. According to this research, you can see below the prevalence of body depilation by body site and gender.

I can tell you that I started with my pubic region and buttocks. Then I moved only my armpits. From there it just kept going. Chest/Stomach and then legs. By 2016 I was removing my hair from my arms.

I have heard that when people start with 1 tattoo it can become an obsession to have more tattoos. In my case, hair removal has been the same thing, once I started, I just couldn’t stop.

Anyway, if you want to read the full research by Michael you can download here.

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