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Silkn Results on Male Armpits – Part 2

Does the Silkn work on Armpits? Short-answer, yes it does. As mentioned in my first posting on the SIlkn Home Hair Removal device, “Silkn for Male Home Laser Hair Removal – A Technical Analysis – Part 1” here is part 2 of the series on the male armpits.

Since my first session with the Silkn May 22, 2009, I have seen considerable results in hair reduction since that time. At first the results were less than stellar, not really noticing a difference, but by the end of the Summer (my 9th session) I started to notice some reduction. Fast-forward to 2010 and the hair reduction is pretty significant. Normally if I did not shave for 7-days, you would see noticeable growth in the armpits, now, you barely see anything. I would estimate that the hair growth is reduced by 80% at this point.

Here is a more technical analysis including accrued cost so far; Continue reading