Pits and Bits at Hummingbird Medical Institute in Calgary

I completed my laser hair removal sessions in 2008 to remove all the hair from my pits (armpits) and bits (pubic region). In the pubic region I decided to go completely bare, everything removed. Before I get into the full story here is a little bit about myself. I am an early 30s women with a professional career here in Calgary, Alberta. I live a pretty active life of exercise, work and socializing so laser hair removal was a great way to save lots of time. I decided to remove the hair from my armpits, this was a no-brainer, I shaved this area constantly as well as all my pubic hair. My pubic hair was also a pretty easy choice since I have been shaving it since it started to grow. In the picture below I went with the bottom right.

Bikini Styles of Hair Removal

For me personally the removal of pubic hair is about cleanliness, sensitivity and I like having no hair there. For my legs I get little growth and shave on occasion, so decided to leave them off the table. My close friends know that I am hairless from neck down, frankly many of them are as well.

So in making this decision to getting my hair removed, I decided to go to [praized subtype=”small” pid=”4d7ced98e1a44b7cf494641b8752e96447″ type=”badge” dynamic=”true”]. It was a recommendation from a friend and a great choice. The location that I visited was at 100, 1919 Sirocco Drive S.W. In Calgary they have 4 locations, here is a link to all Hummingbird Calgary locations on their website.

All in all I had to go to 6 sessions, I did both my armpits and pubic region at once, and this covered just around a year. In 2009 I had to go back for 1 touch up on my pubic region, but so far so good, smooth as a can be. In terms of cost it came in around $1000.

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