Getting a Male Brazilian via Laser Hair Removal in Calgary with Prices

For male’s looking to get a brazilian laser hair removal session in Calgary can be extremely intimidating. The biggest complaint is that many laser hair removal websites don’t specifically indicate whether they service male clients thus relying on you to make the phone call and ask the question.

Therefore, we have decided to put together a list of places in Calgary who specifically (from their website) indicate they service Male’s and specifically the male brazilian. We have also included the prices (again based on their website) for you reference.

NOTE: we have only included businesses who specifically indicate they do male’s and have prices on their website. If you know of other places in Calgary to get a male brazilian done, please add them to the comment section, our readers will thank you.

The list below is provided in alphabetical order, we also included a great little picture to demostrate a male brazilian:

Before jumping into the list, we found this image at the Brazilian Waxing Studio in the UK and thought it suited this post very well.

Male Brazilian Styles

Body Beautiful – (

What they say: Entire Bikini: Everything gone, includes buttock “crack”. *Some clinics do not include the thigh are and perineal area in bikini treatments. Men and women equally welcome.

Male Pubic Hair Removal ($200-$300 per session) – they offer 10% discount for bookings between 12-3pm weekdays

Reviews on Body Beautiful here at

BRAZILya – (

What they say: Finally, both men and women sometimes request complete removal of hair
We are offering bikini line, extended bikini line, BRAZILyan/MANZILyan and buttocks laser treatments. We can discuss what you would like that to look like for you during your consultation.

Brazilian ($199 per session or $796 package of 5)
Manzilyan ($249 per session or $996 package of 5)

Reviews on BRAZILy here at

Hair Free Laser Institute – (

What they say: Men and women can both be treated, and all parts of the body can be treated.

Brazilian Plus ($220 per session)
Male Brazilian Plus ($300 per session)

Reviews on Hair Free Laser Institute here at

Juliet’s Day Spa – (

What they say: At last there’s a quick and easy way for men to rid themselves of unwanted body hair on the back, chest, neck, and more. Depending on your needs, almost any area of the body may be treated.

Full Bikini – Brazilian ($350-$400 per session or $1470 for package of 7)

Reviews on Juliet’s Day Spa here at

Nu Bare Laser & Skincare – (

What they say: Men and women benefit from the removal of unwanted hair and avoid the irritation and ingrown hairs often related to waxing or shaving.

UPDATE: John from NuBare informed us that they do not do laser hair removal on men below the belt. Thanks John for your update.

Brazilian ($225 per session)

Precision Laser & Esthetics – (

What they say: The design of the laser used at Precision Laser allows us to treat patients of all skin types/tones including Indian, Asian, African, Hispanic, and Caucasian.

Bikini-full monty for men ($300 per session)

Reviews on Precision Laser & Esthetics here at

Spa Europa – (

What they say: Taking care of yourself is not a women’s-only sport anymore. At Spa Europa we dedicated Mondays for men only. All services that are on our menu are fully suitable for men.

Brazilian ($259 per session)

Reviews on Spa Europa here at

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  4. Annette Burwash

    i am owner of THE GETAWAY SPA FOR MEN. we have been specializing in full body men’s hair removal, both laser and waxing, for over 10 years now…. we are truly experts in our field… i was wondering how we would obtain a posting on your site.

    thank you
    Annette Burwash
    President/GETAWAY FOR MEN

  5. admin Post author

    Annette – thanks for the comment, we had a chance to look at your site. Great information and thanks for being transparent about your pricing. We will include you in a posting on our site.

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  9. John

    Nu Bare Laser & Skincare – (

    Does not do Male Brazilians. They will do the normal area’s like the chest and back for example, but not below the belt stuff.


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