Silkn Results on Male Armpits – Part 2

Does the Silkn work on Armpits? Short-answer, yes it does. As mentioned in my first posting on the SIlkn Home Hair Removal device, “Silkn for Male Home Laser Hair Removal – A Technical Analysis – Part 1” here is part 2 of the series on the male armpits.

Since my first session with the Silkn May 22, 2009, I have seen considerable results in hair reduction since that time. At first the results were less than stellar, not really noticing a difference, but by the end of the Summer (my 9th session) I started to notice some reduction. Fast-forward to 2010 and the hair reduction is pretty significant. Normally if I did not shave for 7-days, you would see noticeable growth in the armpits, now, you barely see anything. I would estimate that the hair growth is reduced by 80% at this point.

Here is a more technical analysis including accrued cost so far;

As mentioned I started on May 22, 2009. In most cases I would use the Silkn once per week and sometimes would go 2-weeks before using. The manual recommends bi-weekly to monthly between sessions, but considering the growth I had under my pits, I figured I would give it some extra.

Between May 22, 2009 and January 17, 2010, I have had 27 sessions. Since the start, I have zapped my left armpit 164 times and my right arm pit 166 times for an average of 12 zaps per armpit per session.

The cost of a bulb, from Silkn Canada’s website, which they are selling for $65 per Canadian.

Each bulb lasts 750 shots (I have gone through 2 bulbs) – which means each zap is valued at $0.087 per zap.

Cost on my left armpit to date is $14.27
Cost on my right armpit to date is $14.44

Total cost for both armpits to date is $28.71

Of course this cost does not factor in the price of the machine, nor the discount on the initial bulbs, but does give you a good sense of the cost for this body area. A deeper analysis is forthcoming that will factor in the price of the machine, stay tuned.

For $30 and the amount of hair reduction I have seen, I am extremely pleased. Also, consider the time saved and gas money from going to a laser hair removal clinic in Calgary this is extremely cost-effective and more time saving.

Does the Silkn Home Laser Device work on male armpits – this blogger says yes.

9 thoughts on “Silkn Results on Male Armpits – Part 2

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  3. Lee

    You have to stop using the Silk’n for at least 6 months to judge how well it’s working. The silk’n is not permanent, just fancy waxing.

  4. jeffreys Post author

    Hi Lee – this is our concern with this product. Here is our roadmap for the usage of the product. We started using on May 22, 2009 and plan to use the product through to June of this year. This gives us a full year of usage on some areas. Then we will stop using the product for 6-months and give regular updates throughout. We will then post a full in January 2011 and a post of using the Silkn for a 1-year and stopping for 6-months – did it change anything or was it simply a more expensive version of waxing.

  5. admin

    Free tattoo – totally agree we need to update the style sheet of this blog, we are focused on the content first and they will make it pretty – thanks for the comment

  6. carrie

    that is a pretty good price. I had my underarms done also, but at a doctors office at $200 per session. I’m happy with the results, but i wish it was a little cheaper. I also had to do 1 follow up.

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