Silkn for Male Home Laser Hair Removal – The Male Brazilian – Part 3

Welcome to the third posting in my series of my experience with the Silkn Home Laser Hair Removal system and the male body. This post will focus on the male brazilian and yes for the purposes of the web I am removing all my hair down there – actually not just for the purposes of the web, my wife and I enjoy the look and feel better.

What exactly as I am doing with the Silkn you might ask, well this picture explains it best:
Male Brazilian Style.

The big question – is it working? The short-answer is yes, although not as dramatic as my post on using the Silkn on male armpits. Overall I would say that I am achieved roughly 60% reduction from the time I started shaving in the pubic region. In the bikini line that number is more like 80% and the shaft and the scrotum are probably around 70%.

There results are actually not bad when you consider the analysis and the cost needed to get to this stage. Here is a more technical analysis,

So like my armpits, I started in May 2009 using the Silkn on my private parts. If you have not already, read my experience on my armpits.

Since May 22, 2009 up until February 7, 2010, I have had a total of 28 sessions. Since the start I have zapped by nether regions a total of 984 times.

The cost of a bulb, from Silkn Canada’s website, which they are selling for $65 per Canadian.

Each bulb lasts 750 shots (I have gone through a total of 2 bulbs in all my regions thus far) – which means each zap is valued at $0.087 per zap.

Cost for a Male Brazilian using the Silkn, so far = $85.61

Considering the cost of traditional laser hair removal for Men (check out our comparison pricing page in Calgary, Alberta), this is not that bad considering the results that have been achieved so far.

Even if it takes another year, I suspect the total cost for the costs of the bulbs will not exceed $200 to seriously minimize the hair in my pubic region.

Another question that I am sure to get as you read this is the pain factor. Does the Silkn hurt when using downstairs. Short-answer is that it stings, just a little bit, but honestly it is not uncomfortable as all. I will be posting a further article on Silkn and the lack of pain factor.

Stay tuned, more analysis coming on the SIlkn for Male Hair Removal

12 thoughts on “Silkn for Male Home Laser Hair Removal – The Male Brazilian – Part 3

  1. jeffreys Post author

    Good question. At the time – one primary reason – Silkn was available through a Canadian store, Tria was not at the time. We are trying to convince a friend of ours to join our little blog and post about the usage of Tria – we have them almost convinced, so stay tuned we should have a review story coming from the Tria.

  2. Bee

    I was wondering what actually happens when you use the Silkn? Does the hair carry on growing out as stubble and then shed, as with professional lasers? Thanks!

  3. jeffreys Post author

    Bee – good question. Hair does goes back and it seems to be more minimal that before I was using Silkn. I have not noticed any hair falling out per say. There does seem to be some areas that simply don’t grow any more stubble – I am seeing a reduction. Will be interesting to see what happens when I stop using it to see if in fact all the hair grows back. I can tell you that I use to have to shave every couple of days, now I can easily go almost 2-weeks before hair becomes noticeable.

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  5. al

    So I too am in the process of becoming a less hairy ape. I’m working with a traditional laser. The thing is that I am leaning into the idea of a hairless version of me but I am in between relationships. While at first I was comfortable, I am beginning to date again and don’t want to come off as gay or strange. The clean factor is great but how are women responding to this trend. I wish I could say that I had an underwear model’s body but the truth is I’m an average joe.

  6. admin

    AL – Smoothness, just like remaining hairy is really a personal choice. I would say that some women are going to find it a turn on and some might find it odd. The ones that would stop dating a guy because he preferred to be hairless – probably not the type of woman you would want to date -that seems very shallow.

    I think you need to make the decision for yourself. What makes you happy is what you should do. As for being considered strange, again by whose standard – just do it for yourself.

    Let us know what you end up doing.

  7. Rick

    I bought the Tria laser hair removal, and though I’m just doing it for my chest and stomach and shoulders and a little bit on my butt, I warn people to be careful. The first go around, I think I put the setting to high and it really hurt like a mother (there are six settings). It was like someone with sensitive skin who shaves and then breaks out. It really hurt. But having said that, I’ve now done about 5 treatments and my chest and stomach are getting quite smooth. Now after I shave, my skin is as smooth as a baby’s. And each time the hair grows in after shaving, it is lighter and I need not shave as much. I’m guessing after two more laser treatments, it will be smooth enough not to have to shave at all.

    My warnings are: Since you have to shave to use the Tria, make sure the shave is close but also in the direction of the growth…especially if you don’t shave much and/or you have sensitive skin like I do. To use the Tria, takes a long time and since it runs on a charge, you can’t cover too much area in a single use. The thing takes like three hours to charge after it stops working. It takes one charge to do a full pectoral area and will take about 30 minutes to do it. Also, you have to have somewhat light skin…so having a nice tan is not a good time to do the laser treatment. The Tria comes with a sensor tester to test the tone of your skin and if you get the green light, then you actually use the sensor to turn on the Tria laser…I guess it’s a safety precaution.

    Also if you have hair on your shoulders and back, someone will have to do it for you. I have a little bit on the shoulders and it seems to be growing back less and less, though I’m not an ape…just a little bit of hair. I’m sure it would take a lot more time to do the laser treatments if you have super thick ape like body hair.

    One plus is that the Tria has six settings. So if six hurts like a mother, then you can lower the setting in order to tolerate the little rubber band snapping feeling.

    I like a little bit of pubes and a small happy trail, but I noticed around the pube line and my happy trail leading up to my button, the laser treatments are really working well…and no more razor bumps at all. Although if you have sensitive skin, I found rubbing a little bit of hydrocortizone cream helps prevent bumps.

    Anyway, I’m writing all this because when I bought the Tria, there wasn’t much out there that talked about men’s use and results so I was just hoping it would work for me. Even though it is tedious to use, if you can stand the time it takes, I think it is well worth the cost and time. For me, I am very athletic and I just like having a smooth body. I was always shaving anyway, and now it’s nice not to have to shave so much and enjoy my smooth skin.

    I’m not sure I’d use it on my private parts though…I think the laser might be too powerful for that, but I have used it on the area between my nuts and ass…and so far, great results. That was probably TMI. Anyway, good luck if u decide to take the plunge and be a little less hairy.

  8. admin

    Rick – thanks for the comment and the information regarding the Tria – this is great information. One comment that we have heard from other sites is that when using the Tria or the SIlkN that if you stop using them the hair will grow back, because the lasers are not powerful enough. We would be happy to hear back from you in a couple of months to let us know if you are still seeing great results. Also, if you stop using, let us know if the hair grows back or whether it remains reduced.

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