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Comparing Prices for Female Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Services Across Canada

Ladies depending on where you live in Canada the cost to remove your pesky pubic hair can really vary. On this blog there have been posts about comparing prices on the male Brazilian (in Calgary and Vancouver) but nothing dedicated specifically for the ladies.

What we compared was the price of a “Brazilian” across many business locations around the country (based on what we could fine on their website). Our definition of Brazilian is “clean as a whistle”, see image below.

Female Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Styles

So what did we find? For the most part the average and median price of Brazilian laser hair removal for women is consistent across the country except for Vancouver. Vancouver is super cheap – does this mean there are more ladies walking around a la bare than the rest of the country? We don’t know for sure, but it makes me want to move to Vancouver – I could have saved a lot of money.

Female Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Prices Across Canada

The average price for a female brazilian laser hair removal treatment in Vancouver is $147 compared to the highest in Toronto at $262. Over the course of 5-treatments this would be an extra $575 to zap those hair follicles.

We compared 6 places in Ottawa, 11 places in Toronto or surrounding GTA area, 7 locations in Calgary, 6 in Edmonton, 8 in Vancouver, 4 in Winnipeg and 2 in Halifax to get the above numbers.

101 Reasons to get a Brazilian

This is a great post from Grace Power of the Acomoclitic Laser & Wax Studio blog. This post gets double-points for creativity – although it is curious why they have not updated their blog since October 2009 and only 4 posts in 2009.

On their blog it is actually titled 101 Reasons to Get a Brazilian Wax, but the list is so good that it applies to any form a brazilian hair removal. Check out their corporate website for full details on pricing and services.

If you’re still looking for a reason to try a Brazilian Wax…here are 101 of them.
Most of these apply to both sexes. Some are for just men. Some are for just women.

1. Valentine’s Day.
2. Your partner’s birthday.
3. Your anniversary.
4. To spice up your relationship.
5. To surprise your partner.
6. To try something you’ve never tried before.
7. Recently divorced.
8. Newly single.
9. Going on a date.
10. To feel sexy.
11. To do something for yourself.
12. To feel clean.
13. Getting nude portraits taken.
14. Trying out for Play Boy.
15. Going to a swinger’s club.
16. Having a love affair.
17. Tired of shaving.
18. Never groomed ‘down there’ before.
19. Taking a vacation.
20. Swim meet.
21. To say “Wow” when you see yourself naked in the mirror.
22. To feel smooth.
23. Tired of razor bumps.
24. You don’t want to feel itchy.
25. Oral sex–or more oral sex!
26. To soak in the hot tub without any hair poking out of your swimsuit.
27. To ‘turn on’ your partner.
28. Wearing a thong feels better without hair on the front and backend.
29. To smell fresher.
30. Heading to the beach.
31. Shopping for new lingerie.
32. Wedding.
33. Honeymoon.
34. Going to Las Vegas!
35. To feel more confidant, especially in bed.
36. To give your partner a lap dance.
37. You work as a stripper.
38. To try out for a stripper job.
39. To sweat less between your legs.
40. Riding your bike long distances.
41. Dancing in a ballet.
42. Body building competition.
43. To get lucky!
44. Lost a bet.
45. Friends say they’ll pay for it.
46. You have a gift certificate to a spa or wax studio.
47. Going on a long hike.
48. Driving long distances.
49. Sitting at a desk all day.

Click here to finish reading the list.

Comparison of Waxing Prices in Canada’s Top 3 Cities; Montreal rules the Brazilian, Toronto the Pits and Vancouver the Back

When you look at Canada’s largest 3 cities; Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, the question is which city, on average, provides the best prices for body waxing. We have taken a look at 5 common body waxing areas; Armpits, Bikini, Brazilian, Legs and Back and did a comparison of 5 random businesses in each market and did an average of the prices. We used both Google Search and YellowPages.ca Hair Removal search to find our businesses.

Here are the average prices for Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto: Continue reading

Getting a Male Brazilian via Laser Hair Removal in Calgary with Prices

For male’s looking to get a brazilian laser hair removal session in Calgary can be extremely intimidating. The biggest complaint is that many laser hair removal websites don’t specifically indicate whether they service male clients thus relying on you to make the phone call and ask the question.

Therefore, we have decided to put together a list of places in Calgary who specifically (from their website) indicate they service Male’s and specifically the male brazilian. We have also included the prices (again based on their website) for you reference.

NOTE: we have only included businesses who specifically indicate they do male’s and have prices on their website. If you know of other places in Calgary to get a male brazilian done, please add them to the comment section, our readers will thank you.

The list below is provided in alphabetical order, we also included a great little picture to demostrate a male brazilian: Continue reading