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Silkn Cost Update #2 – Removing Male Body Hair

If you have not seen our first cost basis post on the Silkn Bulb from May of this year, we suggest that you start there. Silkn Bulb Cost Update.

Since May, there has been continued usage of the SilkN product. The results thus far, seems to be a longer distance between shaving armpits and bikini region, I can easily go a full two weeks before I need the shave any area. The SilkN is not stopping hair growth, but it does seem to work in diminishing the growth of hair.

Currently on the 5th bulb since May 2009. The cost breakdown below does not include the cost of the machine, only the cost of the bulbs.

Here is the current cost breakdown.

Silkn Bulb Cost Update

Have you tried the SilkN? What are you results? We would like to hear from you, please add to the Comments Section.

Silkn Bulb Cost Update

We have been a little delayed in updating this blog as of late. Per my last posts on Silkn I wanted to provide a cost update on different areas on the body that I am using SilkN on. Everything is tracked per bulb blast and currently on bulb #4.

My last three posts focused on the Male Brazilian, Armpits and a Technical Analysis which was the starting point of this little venture.

To date (started back in May 22, 2009) – so almost one year, we are 2761 zaps in. The company states 750 shots per bulb and in all cases this is true or a little more. I think the bulbs could get more zaps. I only say this as the bulb itself just stops working – there is no visible sign that it should stop working. I say visibile signs as any other bulb that stops working usually it is pretty visible, although perhaps I can’t compare these bulbs to home bulbs.

In aggregate, the cost per zap has been 9 cents (CDN) not factoring in the cost of the machine itself. I have spent $16.75 on my left pit, $16.92 on my right, $105.22 in the pubic region – which are the regions I have started back in May. See below for other areas.

Silkn Costs Per Bulb on Various Body Parts

Is it worth it?

What I have observed so far is that there seems to be less growth – there still is growth. Normally to keep those regions smooth, I would shave every 3-4 days. Now I get go almost 10 days with the need for shaving. I don’t think the Silkn provides any permanent results but I think there is value in having to shave less. At this point it seems this device is like waxing – shave less, but you still need to shave. Will I continue with it – for sure and will provide further updates.