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81% of men depilate, not including face – is it true that men are going bare down there?

The following is an extract from an article posted on Bitch Magazine called, Isn’t He Lovely: Bare Down There and Everywhere Else with social commentary by Cristen Conger.

Brown University psychologist Michael Boroughs began studying male body depilation (hair removal) in the early 2000s, and his 2009 dissertation found surprisingly high rates of body hair removal among male participants. His follow-up research since has continually confirmed this emerging behavioral pattern, which is consistent among gay and heterosexual men alike.

What we found most interesting is that according to this research study, 81% depilate their body hair. Of course this is not just in the pubic region but covers all aspects under the nose, so perhaps the study itself is misleading compared to the 2010 Study done on Women’s Pubic Hair Removal preferences.

For starters, the gender gap in body hair removal (not including facial hair) is narrower that you might think. According to Borroughs’ and others’ research:

90.1% of women depilate
80.9% of men depilate

Moreover, for both women and men, a negative correlation exists between body hair growth and dissatisfaction. In other words, the more body hair that grows on the groin, chest, arms, the less people tend to report liking that anatomy.

Anyway, we encourage you to check out the full article, it is a good read.

What do you think? As a man do you remove your body hair? As a women what is your preference for male body hair removal?