Silkn for Male Home Laser Hair Removal – A Technical Analysis – Part 1

The Silkn Home Laser Hair Removal system has been getting a lot of attention lately. I decided to order one back in April 2009 for some home hair removal and to test this product to fully understand whether it was worth the money or not. The product was purchased online at TheSilknStore – I purchased the base unti with 4 cartridges.

One thing of note – in searching for Silkn Reviews or information on the web, pretty much of all it is written for women. Not saying this is a bad thing, but what about men looking for a home hair removal solution – would the Silkn work for men? This is when I decided to make the move and post the results online.

So what areas have I decided to tackle. I started with 2 areas of the body; armpits and pubic region in May. In August I added Stomach as well as upper thigh. Over the coming weeks, I will fully explain a detailed technical analysis of the number of shots per cartridge (the company claims 750) as well as costs per each area including the results to date.

Some very high level impressions – so far the product seems to work in terms of reducing the visibility of hair. Some pretty decent results since May. Since May, I have used 1780 shots covering two full cartridges and currently on the 3rd. So far the shots per cartridge are falling inline with what the company says. Cartridge #1 had 754 shots and cartridge #2 stopped at 750.

Anyway, stay turned for the next post with more details.

Here is the company sponsored video for the Silkn Home Laser Hair Removal device:

5 thoughts on “Silkn for Male Home Laser Hair Removal – A Technical Analysis – Part 1

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  3. charles mckenzy

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  4. Viennese

    Has anyone tried to use the Silkn on a male beard?

    Their website states it should not be used on your head. I think they say this because they dont want to risk any eye damages of their customers.

  5. admin

    Viennese – within this blog, we don’t know or have tried the Silkn on male beard. It is a good question though.

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