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Male Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Update for Toronto

Earlier this year, January to be precise, we blogged about Male Brazilian via Laser Hair Removal – Toronto Prices and we found prices that range from $150 to $300 per session. The businesses we listed there all listed explicitly that they offer this service for me.

A reader of ours decided to send us a comment about a business that we missed in North York called Versus Laser Hair Removal Clinic indicating they also offer this service for men using the Soprano XL at 169. According to the Female Brazilian Cost Across Canada.

Anyway, it is great to see more laser hair removal salons offering this service for men.

Female Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton – Bush Whacked Laser Has a Good Deal

Early this week we received a comment on our Laser Hair Removal Prices in Edmonton, Alberta page from a company called Bush Whacked Laser in Edmonton, Alberta. They wanted to inform us that full laser hair removal on legs for Women is $273 per session and for men it is $333 per session.

We checked out their site, located here, it is a little light on content and visuals, but we noticed that they have a promotion of Women’s Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, 4 sessions for $175. Last year we did a comparison of pricing of Female Brazilians across Canada and can say this is a pretty good deal.

That said, this is only based on the web. Always do your research and before making a commitment to get any work done, check out the location, the person and do some background work. After all, you are about to let somebody have access to your privates so you want to make sure they are on the up and up.

Does anybody have any comments on this business in Edmonton?

Comparing Prices for Female Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Services Across Canada

Ladies depending on where you live in Canada the cost to remove your pesky pubic hair can really vary. On this blog there have been posts about comparing prices on the male Brazilian (in Calgary and Vancouver) but nothing dedicated specifically for the ladies.

What we compared was the price of a “Brazilian” across many business locations around the country (based on what we could fine on their website). Our definition of Brazilian is “clean as a whistle”, see image below.

Female Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Styles

So what did we find? For the most part the average and median price of Brazilian laser hair removal for women is consistent across the country except for Vancouver. Vancouver is super cheap – does this mean there are more ladies walking around a la bare than the rest of the country? We don’t know for sure, but it makes me want to move to Vancouver – I could have saved a lot of money.

Female Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Prices Across Canada

The average price for a female brazilian laser hair removal treatment in Vancouver is $147 compared to the highest in Toronto at $262. Over the course of 5-treatments this would be an extra $575 to zap those hair follicles.

We compared 6 places in Ottawa, 11 places in Toronto or surrounding GTA area, 7 locations in Calgary, 6 in Edmonton, 8 in Vancouver, 4 in Winnipeg and 2 in Halifax to get the above numbers.