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Over 1.2M Laser Hair Removal Sessions Sold By Groupon – That’s a lot of Hair Removal

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Here is some fun laser hair removal statistics. We looked at Groupon.com and pulled as many laser hair removal deals that we could find on their site. We normalized this down to the smallest body part, the armpit, since most Groupon offers will count that as a 1 session. We excluded all the offers that were based on spa credits, opting instead to only look at the pure laser hair removal offers.

In the end we ended up analyzing:

– 381 deals
– covering 120 markets
– located in 47 states/provinces (we only looked at North America)
– covering deals from July 19, 2009 to February 8, 2011

Here is what we discovered:

– Groupon has sold $32.5M worth of laser hair removal services ($35,544,241 based on what we analyzed)
– Based on the stated regular price, this would have saved consumers over $200M in laser hair removal services
– The $32.5M represents 281,590 units sold and if you equate that to the number of sessions that would mean 1,263,131 total laser hair removal sessions sold

Laser Hair Removal on Armpit / Underarm

That’s a lot of laser hair removal. If we were to add up the offers from LivingSocial + offers from all the daily deal sites around north america that number would be much larger. I think the bottom line is this, laser hair removal is clearly popular and daily deal sites such as Groupon offer a great way to save some money. We have done numerous posts on Laser Hair Removal Pricing in Canada, check them out.

What was the best/worst offer from Groupon?
Which business in North America, grossly overstated their regular price?
What is the breakdown by state/province?

Stay tuned – we have lots of data that we will be sharing with you.

Join our Silkn Review discussion on HairTell Forums

We discovered last week an incredible source of information on hair removal, HairTell.com. We started to participate in a discussion on SilkN Reviews – we wanted to share with their readers the experience we are getting with SilkN. Our users name is NoBodyHairCanuck.

As was pointed by one of their active contributors, edokid (a fellow Canadian), the Silkn won’t provide permanent results, rather we are likely to see regrowth if we stopped using. We think this is a valid point.

One of our other contributors to this blog has professional hair removal done and in the past couple of years had to only go back for touchups one time. So the comparison is on as to whether this product works.

Here is what we are going to do. Use the Silkn until June of this year on the parts that we started last year – armpits and bikini. This will give us 1 full year of roughly bi-weekly use. We will then stop for 6-months to see if we get regrowth and recap in January 2011 as to the results of 6-months of none use.

You will then be able to judge as to whether or not the Silkn is worth the investment or whether you should save up and go to the pros.

Thanks to the forum posters as HairTell.com who are making sure people get all the facts.

Silkn Results on Male Armpits – Part 2

Does the Silkn work on Armpits? Short-answer, yes it does. As mentioned in my first posting on the SIlkn Home Hair Removal device, “Silkn for Male Home Laser Hair Removal – A Technical Analysis – Part 1” here is part 2 of the series on the male armpits.

Since my first session with the Silkn May 22, 2009, I have seen considerable results in hair reduction since that time. At first the results were less than stellar, not really noticing a difference, but by the end of the Summer (my 9th session) I started to notice some reduction. Fast-forward to 2010 and the hair reduction is pretty significant. Normally if I did not shave for 7-days, you would see noticeable growth in the armpits, now, you barely see anything. I would estimate that the hair growth is reduced by 80% at this point.

Here is a more technical analysis including accrued cost so far; Continue reading

Comparison of Waxing Prices in Canada’s Top 3 Cities; Montreal rules the Brazilian, Toronto the Pits and Vancouver the Back

When you look at Canada’s largest 3 cities; Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, the question is which city, on average, provides the best prices for body waxing. We have taken a look at 5 common body waxing areas; Armpits, Bikini, Brazilian, Legs and Back and did a comparison of 5 random businesses in each market and did an average of the prices. We used both Google Search and YellowPages.ca Hair Removal search to find our businesses.

Here are the average prices for Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto: Continue reading

Pits and Bits at Hummingbird Medical Institute in Calgary

I completed my laser hair removal sessions in 2008 to remove all the hair from my pits (armpits) and bits (pubic region). In the pubic region I decided to go completely bare, everything removed. Before I get into the full story here is a little bit about myself. I am an early 30s women with a professional career here in Calgary, Alberta. I live a pretty active life of exercise, work and socializing so laser hair removal was a great way to save lots of time. I decided to remove the hair from my armpits, this was a no-brainer, I shaved this area constantly as well as all my pubic hair. My pubic hair was also a pretty easy choice since I have been shaving it since it started to grow. In the picture below I went with the bottom right. Continue reading