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Silkn Cost Update #2 – Removing Male Body Hair

If you have not seen our first cost basis post on the Silkn Bulb from May of this year, we suggest that you start there. Silkn Bulb Cost Update.

Since May, there has been continued usage of the SilkN product. The results thus far, seems to be a longer distance between shaving armpits and bikini region, I can easily go a full two weeks before I need the shave any area. The SilkN is not stopping hair growth, but it does seem to work in diminishing the growth of hair.

Currently on the 5th bulb since May 2009. The cost breakdown below does not include the cost of the machine, only the cost of the bulbs.

Here is the current cost breakdown.

Silkn Bulb Cost Update

Have you tried the SilkN? What are you results? We would like to hear from you, please add to the Comments Section.

Join our Silkn Review discussion on HairTell Forums

We discovered last week an incredible source of information on hair removal, HairTell.com. We started to participate in a discussion on SilkN Reviews – we wanted to share with their readers the experience we are getting with SilkN. Our users name is NoBodyHairCanuck.

As was pointed by one of their active contributors, edokid (a fellow Canadian), the Silkn won’t provide permanent results, rather we are likely to see regrowth if we stopped using. We think this is a valid point.

One of our other contributors to this blog has professional hair removal done and in the past couple of years had to only go back for touchups one time. So the comparison is on as to whether this product works.

Here is what we are going to do. Use the Silkn until June of this year on the parts that we started last year – armpits and bikini. This will give us 1 full year of roughly bi-weekly use. We will then stop for 6-months to see if we get regrowth and recap in January 2011 as to the results of 6-months of none use.

You will then be able to judge as to whether or not the Silkn is worth the investment or whether you should save up and go to the pros.

Thanks to the forum posters as HairTell.com who are making sure people get all the facts.

Comparison of Waxing Prices in Canada’s Top 3 Cities; Montreal rules the Brazilian, Toronto the Pits and Vancouver the Back

When you look at Canada’s largest 3 cities; Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, the question is which city, on average, provides the best prices for body waxing. We have taken a look at 5 common body waxing areas; Armpits, Bikini, Brazilian, Legs and Back and did a comparison of 5 random businesses in each market and did an average of the prices. We used both Google Search and YellowPages.ca Hair Removal search to find our businesses.

Here are the average prices for Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto: Continue reading

Getting a Male Brazilian via Laser Hair Removal in Calgary with Prices

For male’s looking to get a brazilian laser hair removal session in Calgary can be extremely intimidating. The biggest complaint is that many laser hair removal websites don’t specifically indicate whether they service male clients thus relying on you to make the phone call and ask the question.

Therefore, we have decided to put together a list of places in Calgary who specifically (from their website) indicate they service Male’s and specifically the male brazilian. We have also included the prices (again based on their website) for you reference.

NOTE: we have only included businesses who specifically indicate they do male’s and have prices on their website. If you know of other places in Calgary to get a male brazilian done, please add them to the comment section, our readers will thank you.

The list below is provided in alphabetical order, we also included a great little picture to demostrate a male brazilian: Continue reading